Variations on a Theme of Štĕpán Rak

Written in 1985 for the Czechoslovak guitarist, Vladimir Mikulka, to whom the music is also dedicated. This piece was the result of an exchange of themes between Duarte, the Czechoslovak guitarist/composer, Štĕpán Rak and the Soviet composer, Nikita Koshkin. The theme to this piece was presented by Mikulka, to Duarte, after a concert he gave in London on 15 August 1984. Mikulka twice played 'a theme without any variations', which is, maybe, why the theme is repeated at the end of all the variations.



Theme - Lento; I - Con moto; II - Andante Nikitoso; III - Scherzoso; IV - Lento, con tenerezza; V - Alla gavotta; VI Finale - Rapsodico; Theme (repeated).