Suite Française

Written in late 1974 for the duo of Ako Ito and Henri Dorigny, to whom the music is also dedicated. The original request for a French Suite came from Ida Presti in 1964 and the second movement here, Carillon (previously assigned as op.33), was going to be the first of its five movements and was first performed in 1972 or 1973. We know the Badinerie Op.32a was going to be another one of those movements. One other movement was completed, but is lost and the other two were never started.

The first movement, Brunette, is influenced by the French tune-style of this name and the third movement, which evokes the spirit of Couperin, incorporates many special effects, the like of which Presti would have approved.


I - Brunette; II - Carillon; III - Musette.