Six Friendships

These pieces were assembled into the collection in 1966 and include four movements of Variations on Sellenger's Round Op.26 (1957), a Sor study, with an added descant and the Chanson Op.14. It was thought that various parts of the manuscript of Sellenger's Round were lost and so, what remained was included in Six Friendships WoO.1 (two guitars), however, after seeing the manuscript in the Fundación Andrés Segovia (in November 2022), we were able to see the whole set of variations - Theme, five variations and Fugue (Finale). The manuscript is prefaced with, 'For the greatest guitar duettists of all time - Andres Segovia and Andres Segovia!'. The original publication lists Ostinato as no.4, but in the manuscript it is variation 3.


I -  Point Counter (Sor) Point; II - Chanson Op.14; III - Ostinato Op.26 No.4; IV - Offset Op.26 No.1; V - Cantando Op.26 No.2; VI - Gavotte Op.26 No.5.





Original works by John W. Duarte