Five Quiet Songs

Written in 1968, in the aftermath of the death of Ida Presti, and dedicated to Peter Pears and Julian Bream. It's not known whether they ever performed the songs. A letter from Bream in July 1970 acknowledges their receipt and says they hope to include them in future recitals. The songs are set for high voice and guitar.


I - Dirge in Woods (George Meredith 1828-1909); II - Silence (Thomas Hood 1799-1845); III - An Epitaph (Walter de la Mare 1873-1956); IV - Omar's Lament (Rubaiyat of Omar Khajam/Edward Fitzgerald 1809-1883); V - The Birds (Hilaire Belloc 1870-1953).

Op.37 Misprints and Original Markings in the scores of John W. Duarte


Original works by John W. Duarte