Variations on a French Nursery Song

Written during 1964-6 and finished in June 1966, this work was intended for the Presti-Lagoya Duo. Because of Presti's untimely death, the dedication in the publication reads, 'To the Imperishable Memory of Presti-Lagoya'. The main theme is J’ai du bon tabac, a reference to Duarte's predilection for pipe smoking. There are references to two other French nursery songs. In the first variation the slower section quotes Frère Jacques (Jacques/Jack was what Presti and Segovia called Duarte) and the penultimate variation is based on a fragment from Sur le pont d’Avignon.


Theme - Amabile e con moto; I - Scherzando; II - Adagio; III - Con bravura; IV - Comme un Branle, pas pressé; V - Furioso e con forza; VI - Comme un menuet un peu lent; Finale.



Original works by John W. Duarte