Thirteen Pieces from the 'Fitzwilliam Virginal Book'

Out-of-print. Some arrangements, made in 1965, from the 'Fitzwilliam Virginal Book'. Duarte arranged the 1st piece, by John Bull, several times, (especially in his A Tudor Fancy Op.50, for Guitar and orchestra). The music is dedicated 'To Jacqueline Byard on her tenth birthday'.


I - Bull, John: A Gigge (Doctor Bull's my Selfe); II - Anon.: Can she?; III - Anon.: Watkin's Ale; IV - Anon.: Why ask you?; V - Pearson (sic), Martin: The Fall of the Leaf; VI - Anon.: Muscadin; VII - Anon.: A Toye; VIII - Johnson, Robert: Alman; IX - Anon.: Corranto; X - Anon.: Corranto; XI - Anon.: Dance; XII - Anon.: The Irish Ho-Hoane; XIII - Anon.: Corranto.