Slidin' About

From John Duarte's unpublished autobiography:

In the mid-1930s Len Williams (father of John Williams) started a magazine "Modern Guitarist", a house-organ for the company for which he worked, but when it began losing too much money he widened its scope to include other fretted instruments, changing its name to "Fretted Harmony". One day I received a telegram: "For God's sake send Hawaiian guitar solo by return". Having acscertained how the instrument was tuned, I experimented using the metal case of a torchlight; the resulting masterpiece was printed - "Slidin' around (sic)"!

First printed in 'The Modern Guitarist', June-July 1937. Titled Rythmic (sic) Hawaiian Guitar Solo, there is a chordal Plectrum Guitar accompaniment printed underneath.


Original works by John W. Duarte