Prelude in A Minor

Written in 1958 and dedicated to Vladimir Bobri, Editor of 'Guitar Review', this simple piece was another one 'for the strugglers'. The melody is entirely in the bass, punctuated by, mostly, 3-part chords.


Part of 'For My Friends' with - Greek Folk Song (Karagouna), for Sophocles; Three Old Venetian Dances (Pavana in Passo e Mezzo; La Cara Cossa del Berdolin; Cornetto), for Mike Heseltine; Grieg, E.: Norse Song Op.68. No.41, for Lisbet Bolin; French Carol (Il est né, le divin enfant,) for Chantal Dubourg; Duarte, John W.: Alla Gavotta Op.21, for Gordon Saunders; Spiritual (I know the Lord's Laid His Hands on Me), for Greg; English Folk Dance (Gathering Peascods), for Harry Fowle; Irish Folk Song (The Next Market Day), for Emilita.


Original works by John W. Duarte