Prelude in A Minor

Written in 1951 and first printed in the 'Guitar Review' (No.12), it was "written especially for GRISHA, whose art has given me so much pleasure". Grisha was Grisha Dotzenko, one of the resident artists for 'Guitar Review'. This Prelude was the first work by Duarte to be played (in private) by Andrés Segovia, who wanted the work extended by the addition of two more movements, to make a suite. This project didn't proceed.


Part of '8 Short Pieces' with - Changes WoO.9; Chanson Op.1 No.1; For June WoO.8; Impromptu Op.8; Pastorale WoO.7; Pastorale Op.2 No.1; Simple Prelude Op.19 No.1.


Original works by John W. Duarte