Prélude en Arpèges (Originally from 'Harp Suite Op.18')

The Prélude was written in 1954-55 and intended to be the first movement of a Harp Suite Op.18 (a style of playing, not music for harp!), which was never completed. The Nocturne and Toccata op.18 was another piece destined for this Suite and took over the original opus number for the Harp Suite. The Prélude was then going to be the first movement of the Petite suite française Op.60, but it didn't sit happily there. Eventually, Eschig wanted to publish the Prélude separately and the en arpèges suffix was added. The music is dedicated to Jean-Pierre Jumez. 00821300?returnurl=%2fsearch%3fq%3dme%2b00821300%26substoreid%3d





Original works by John W. Duarte