Mutations on the 'Dies Irae'

Written in 1973-74 at the request of the Italian guitarist, Angelo Gilardino, to whom the music is also dedicated. The request was for a 'Noah's Ark of composers' making variations on the Dies irae theme, as harmonised by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Gilardino suggested the composers, most of which suggestions were adopted. The omission from this volume is the variation on John Dowland. See Galliard Op.58a for the details.


Theme; I - Sonata K 556 (D. Scarlatti); II - Romanza del Padre (Haydn); III - Aimez-vous cette danse hongroise? (Brahms); IV - Gibraltar (Albéniz); V - Bird Song (Charlie Parker);  VI - Variation avant finale (Manuel M. Ponce); VII- A Sorte of Gigge (Some of Myselfe).