John Duarte: A Celebration of his Music

This volume was published in 2019 to celebrate the composer's centenary. The selection was made by Paul Coles, a house arranger for Universal Edition.


I - Duarte, John W.: Spring dance from 'Tout en ronde Op.57'; II - Duarte, John W.: Broadway from 'Americana Op.96'; III - Duarte, John W.: Waltz II from 'Homage to Antonio Lauro (Three valses) Op.83; IV - Weiss, S.L.: Paisane from ‘Suite No.XII’; V – Holborne, A.: Fantasia; VI - Brindle, Reginald Smith: Corsa from ‘Ten simple preludes’; VII - Scarlatti, D.: Sonata K 431; VIII - Weiss, S.L.: Prelude from ‘Suite in D Minor’; IX - Riera, Rodrigo: Nostalgia from ‘Four Venezuelan pieces’; X - Riera, Rodrigo: Monotonia from ‘Four Venezuelan pieces’; XI - Scarlatti, D.: Sonata K 83; XII - Sanz, G. Pavanas; XIII - Mudarra, A.: Romanesca o ‘Guardame las vacas’; XIV - Scarlatti, D.: Sonata K 208; XV - Capirola, V.: Balletto; XVI - Capirola, V.: Ricercar VIII; XVII - Dowland, John: Complaint; XVIII - Dowland, John: A Coy toy; XIX - Dowland, John: Hasellwood’s galliard; XX - Pujol, Máximo Diego: Preludio tristón.