Joan Baez Suite

Written in 2002 for the American guitarist, Sharon Isbin, to whom the music is also dedicated. The Suite was commissioned with funds provided by Rose Augustine and the Augustine Foundation. Isbin provided Duarte with a variety of tunes made famous by Baez. The recording by Isbin appeared on her GRAMMY award-winning recording for Best Instrumental Soloist Performance.

For copyright reasons, Where have all the flowers gone? could not be included in the Mel Bay Publication. Please see the separate entry for details.


I - Fantasia (Once I had a sweetheart - Rambler gambler - Barbara Allen); II - House of the rising sun; III - The Lily of the west; IV - The unquiet grave; V - Silkie; VI - Finale (Rake and rambling boy - Wildwood flower - The trees they do grow high).