Impromptu in Eb

Written in 1951 at the request of Dr Boris Perott (President of the Philharmonic Society of Guitarists) and first printed in 'Guitar Review' (No.18). Perott asked Duarte for a simple piece, but the key signature of E Flat Major presented unfounded difficulties.

The printed programme from a meeting of the Manchester Guitar Circle, 12 January 1949, states that Duarte played an Impromptu by himself. This is the earliest Impromptu by Duarte, but all his written papers say that it was written in 1951.


Part of '8 Short Pieces' with - Changes WoO.9; Chanson Op.1 No.1; For June WoO.8; Pastorale WoO.7; Pastorale Op.2 No.1; Prelude Op.13; Simple Prelude Op.19 No.1.


Original works by John W. Duarte