Alla Gavotta

Written in 1955 and dedicated to Gordon Saunders, who helped run the Bristol Spanish Guitar Centre, England. Saunders eventually left and started a very successful business selling recorders!


Part of 'For My Friends' with - Greek Folk Song (Karagouna), for Sophocles (Karagouna); Three Old Venetian Dances (Pavana in Passo e Mezzo; La Cara Cossa del Berdolin; Cornetto), for Mike Heseltine; Grieg, E.: Norse Song Op.68. No.41, for Lisbet Bolin; French Carol (Il est né, le divin enfant,) for Chantal Dubourg; Spiritual (I know the Lord's Laid His Hands on Me), for Greg; English Folk Dance (Gathering Peascods), for Harry Fowle; Irish Folk Song (The Next Market Day), for Emilita; Duarte, John W.: Prelude in A Minor Op.29 No.1, for Bobri.


Original works by John W. Duarte