A Variety of Guitar Music

A wide-ranging collection of pieces for intermediate guitarists. Previously published by Faber Music.


I - Anon.: Parson's farewell; II - Anon.: Three meet (Or the Pleasures of the Town); III - Anon.: Jenny pluck pears; IV - Anon.: Sweet Kate; V - Anon.: Confess; VI - Anon.: Lady Spellor and The old mole; VII - Anon.: The Streets of Laredo; VIII - Old Joe Clark; IX - Anon.: Mary had a baby; X - Anon.: Verdolin, verdolineto; XI - Anon.: Counting song; XII - Anon.: Thessalikos; XIII - Anon.: On entend partout carillon; XIV - Anon.: Unnamed piece (Jane Pickering's Lute Book); XV - Anon.: A Toye; XVI - Caroso, Fabritio: Pavaniglia; XVII - Anon.: Lightlie lone ladyes; XVIII - Anon.: Robin Hood is to the greenwood gone; XIX - Dowland, John: Orlando sleepeth; XX - Dowland, John: Willson's wilde; XXI - Campion, Thomas: The Peaceful Westerne Winde; XXII - Bartlet, John: What thing is love?; XXIII - Dowland, John: Shall I sue?; XXIV - Anon.: El pomo de lo Pomaro; XXV - Anon.: La Lodexana; XXVI - Aston, Hugh: The Emprose Pavyn; XXVII - Aston, Hugh: A Galyard; XXVIII - Haydn, F.J,: St Anthony Chorale; XXIX - Telemann, G.P.: Two minuets; XXX - Handel, G.F.: Sarabande from 'Suite HWV 437'; XXXI - Bach, J.S.: Musette from 'Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach'; XXXII - Schumann, Robert: The poor orphan from 'Album for the young Op.68'; XXXIII - Tchaikovsky, P.I.: March of the wooden soldiers from 'Album for the young op.39'.