A Tudor Fancy (Piano Reduction with solo guitar part)

Completed in 1972, the composition was started in 1967 at the request of Ida Presti, who wanted a double guitar concerto, based on 16th Century tunes, as Rodrigo had done for Gaspar Sanz and one guitar. When Presti died the music was set aside until 1971, after several people asked for a work for one guitar and orchestra. The tunes are all taken from the 'Fitzwilliam Virginal Book'. The first movement is based on Tower Hill by Giles Farnaby, the second movement is The Fall of the Leafe by Martin Peerson and also includes the popular song All in a garden green. The third movement is based on A Gigge: Dr Bull's myselfe, by John Bull. The music is dedicated to Duarte's wife, Dorothy.

Instrumentation: Solo guitar, Flute (Piccolo), Oboe, Clarinet in B flat, Bassoon, Timpani (3), Snare Drum, Triangle, Bass Drum, Violin I & II, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.



I - Tower Hill; II - The Fall of the Leafe (All in a garden green); III - A Gigge.


Original works by John W. Duarte